Award "30 Years PK RVG "

Diploma is also issued to foreign stations (from outside SP). In order to obtain the award is to carry out a minimum of 5 QSO's with members of the PK RVG or special stations( SN30RVG or HF30RVG ) in the period 28.01.1984 to 28.01.2015 and QSO  with SN0RVG between 01.03.2015 and 31.12.2015 counts diploma and get 15 points by key:
  • QSO with a station greeting SN30RVG and SN0RVG 10 points
  • QSO with a station greeting HF30RVG 5 points
  • QSO with a station's greeting (SN30R;SN30V,SN30G) 2 points
  • QSO with a member PK RVG - 1 point, note the issue of digital mode 2 points.
Award is available for SWL.
The list on the Web page -  members
Cost is 3USD diploma or 5 IRC.
Submissions should be sent to:  Krzysztof Ulatowski PO Box 253 0.81-963 Gdynia 1, Poland
Any questions please contact us at
If you meet the conditions of a diploma during the competition SPDX RTTY Contest in April , a diploma will be sent free of charge.